The RadioCasbah "Monthly Showcase Begins with Flowers in Flames



Flowers in Flames is a four-piece out of Cleveland, OH whose first album was mixed by a Guided By Voices Alumni.  While described as post-punk, and it certainly is that, I find strong undercurrents of numerous early Punk influences as well as strong hints of dark 80s and Goth mixed throughout.  I haven't quiet placed it but the instrumentation is certainly reminiscent of those genres. The vocals are either British punk influenced or the members come by it naturally.

Flowers in Flames, like most music and artists that intrigue me to listen more deeply, is difficult to categorize.  Certainly, they are receiving some airplay at the college level, but I have serious doubts that commercial radio exists with a pulse, a personality, or even the cajones to play something this good and this original.

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